Chelsea Flower Show at Fiume

The air crackles with excitement as you stroll amongst the Chelsea Flower Show’s breathtaking displays. Roses in every imaginable hue, peonies bursting with colour, and exotic blooms whisper of faraway lands.

A leisurely walk along the river leads you to Fiume. Its sun-drenched terrace beckons. Why not try one of our Chelsea Flower Show specials?

  • Rose Martini: This elegant martini with a touch of sweet elderflower cordial, and the delicate essence of rose syrup. It’s a floral delight, perfect for celebrating the show.

  • Pixie Dust Mocktail: Refresh and recharge with this vibrant mocktail. Zesty lemonade meets the sweetness of blood orange syrup, creating a playful and delicious drink that’s as sunny as the Chelsea Flower Show itself.

You can enjoy these special cocktails between 21st – 27th May.