Terraza Villa Ascenti at Fiume

Perfect summer evening? We know what ours would be. Picture this, warm stone under your feet from hours of burning Mediterranean sun, surrounded by luscious green rolling hills fading into the horizon, the evening breeze is still warm as you share an evening refreshment with friends and family & you can’t think of a care in the world.. But we’re taking it one step higher.

An Italian Gin & Tonic? Well you wouldn’t say no to the sublime would you?

This summer we are transporting you to this spot – but you are staying right  where you are on the riverside, presenting you our Terraza Villa Ascenti at Fiume. For summer we will be serving you the you the beautiful botanic flavours of the Piemonte Hills, bringing you the zestiest & most invigorating tonics in town with Villa Ascenti‘s premium gin melding subtle and sweet flavours of juniper, mint, thyme and Moscato grape. This will be your drink of the summer.

The hour of aperitivo has just had the ultimate facelift – so you don’t have to.

Scintillate those summer senses a a little and have a preview of what’s on offer..